The Farne Islands


Whilst offering superb opportunities for excellent diving in some of the clearest waters in the UK, there is so much more to the Farne Islands.


Situated ten minutes boat ride from Seahouses harbour, they are steeped in wildlife, history and superstition. They are separated into two groups (Inner and Outer Farnes) by Staple Sound a stretch of water 1 mile wide and consist of 28 islands at low water.


The Farne Islands are perhaps most famous for their grey seals, seabirds and of course heroine Grace Darling. In the 1st century AD St Aidan, one of the first Christians in Britain lived here and St Cuthbert synonymous with Christianity lived on the Inner Farne. The islands host over 80,000 seabirds during the breeding season.


Serenity also provides trips to the islands for those non divers.

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