Seal Diving at the Farne Islands


The Grey Seal colony is one of the largest in the UK but is the best in the UK for diving with them in the wild.

The seals not only attract divers to the Farne Islands but many tourists love to see them too but we think being in the water playing with them has to be the best fun of all.


When you first see a seal underwater you can’t believe how graceful and elegant they are and boy can they move fast. We often hear divers taking about how they thought their buddy was fooling around with them tugging on their fins but they eventually cotton on it’s a seal sneaking up behind them and nibbling on their fins.  We also hear that they love pink fins but then the next week it’s blue fins but at the end of the day the seals will play with you if they want to no matter what colour fins you have on.


The best thing to do when you are diving with seals, is to enjoy yourself. They will come to you if they want to play and when they do you will be blown away.

Here is a great video created a few years ago by one of our divers and still puts a smile on our faces.

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