Diving at the Farne Islands with Sovereign Diving


The Farne Islands offer a wide range of diving for all experiences from shallow dives for the less experienced divers to the deeper wrecks for those experienced divers.  The underwater visibility at times can reach 20 meters during the season which makes it ideal for finding those tiny sea creatures.


The scenic diving around the Farne Islands is some of the best in the country, with beautiful soft corals, sun stars, sea urchins and anemones to name but a few. You can dive through gullies that are covered in deadman’s fingers or among huge boulders that have something hiding behind every nook and cranny. During the breeding season you will be able to dive with Puffins and Guillemots during your dive.


Some of the scenic diving is also the playground for one UK’s largest grey seal colonies. They love to swim up and down the gullies and sometimes they sneak up behind you and before you know it they are pulling on your fins.

We also have a few wrecks around the islands which act as a natural reefs and are perfect for all the wildlife to flourish too.


Most of the wrecks nowadays are wreckage are they have slowly fallen apart over the years but you will still be impressed by the size of the boilers and props you will find.


Over all the Farnes has a wide range of things to see and is perfect for novices and experienced divers.


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